Saturday, October 17, 2009


Jason was the first person to respond to my Craigslist post looking for UW students to model.  He's a Junior studying art.  We started at 6am in the open courtyard of  George L. Mosse Humanities Building.

After shooting at Humanities we walked towards the Library Mall.  There was a great spot to shoot with a view down State Street, with the Capitol in the background.  However, that's when the garbage collectors showed up.  And they were taking their time.  So we walked to the Memorial Union, it was also busy.  A little more further East on the shore of Lake Mendota we shot these.



We then walked along the Lakeshore Path and up into Muir Woods.


Karl said...

Very few photographers photograph male nudes. If the photographer is male, it is even rarer. It is sad most can not see the artistic beauty of a nude male in a similar way to the classic female nudes. Beauty comes in different sizes, colors, and even genders. Congrats on this great series.

Mac said...

Some nice photos in here. I have to agree that shooting men is most certainly a different activity. My worry is posing them in a feminine manner since that is all I really know.