Thursday, April 14, 2011


Welcome back!  Well, I guess welcome back to me.  The reason for the long hiatus in posting was a lack of models.  It seems the ease at which I found my first two models Rachel and Jason was a fluke.

That kind of ties in to why I'm doing this project.  I want to show people that nude modeling, and being nude, is not wrong.

The photos with today's post are of William.  William is an engineering graduate student at the University of Wisconsin - Madison.  He is also from Columbia.
These were shot in my home studio.  Originally, we had planned to shoot on Lake Mendota.  But the morning we met up the weather was not cooperative and it was close to zero degrees fahrenheit.
William was willing to shoot in that weather, but since I was cold wearing multiple layers I decided it would be better to save the lake for another time.

In the next few weeks William and I are again planning on doing some lake shots.  I'm pretty sure this time the weather will cooperate.

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