Thursday, September 3, 2009

What is University Nudes?

University Nudes is the title of a project that I started a few months ago. I was looking for a theme to tie together some of my photographs. Something that was interesting to me, built on my strengths, would allow me to develop and, perhaps more importantly would be something that others would want to see.

Since I live in Madison, Wisconsin and had worked with some students from the University of Wisconsin-Madison I thought that a project using UW students would be perfect. Especially if they were nude.

So University Nudes was born. All of the subjects for this project will be University of Wisconsin - Madison students at the time the pictures are taken. They can be male or female, undergrad or graduate.

Each of the images will be titled in the same way.
Subjects first name
Major and expected graduation year

So the image below would be called

Theater and Drama 2011
Elver Park

Now in an ideal world everyone would be fully nude for everything. But in order to increase the amount of subjects I'm willing to shoot partial nudity, or even bodyscapes that don't show clothing.

If you're interested in being a subject please e-mail me at


Grushenka said...

I suppose you imagine yourself some kind of artist simply because your subjects are unclothed. But, what about your concept demonstrates any understanding of art history, the purposes of art, indeed, any intelligence whatsoever? As far as I can tell, nothing.

You are one of a large group, those who consider themselves "artists" but are completely contrived in their ideas of what art is. You're not contributing anything. I suppose you think you are. I challenge you, what is your purpose? Write a post about it, I dare you.

Grushenka said...

And of course you won't approve my comment, because to do so would challenge your ego. Pathetic. But go ahead, prove me wrong.

Josh Zytkiewicz said...

Grushenka, wow.

SB said...

People often jump before judging what they are jumping into. How can Grushenka judge the purpose of your blog and your artistic integrity with only one day's worth of work?

I like the concept of your blog and look forward to seeing what you produce.